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Front Porch Staging

Updated: Mar 7

Make A Great First Impression

Buyers judge homes based on first impressions. A beautiful, clean and well-designed entrance serves to draw buyers into your home, especially if you're fortunate enough to have a front porch.

Buyers love them, and those that are staged well can elevate your home's curb appeal to a whole new level!

Set The Stage

It's not unusual for buyers to rule out homes based on exteriors.

As the term suggests, curb appeal starts at the curb or street. And yes, it's important that you spruce up your yard and landscaping details - mow your lawn, edge your curbs, pull weeds and trim overgrown bushes - but your porch is where buyers will wait for several seconds while their broker opens the door.

In that moment, buyers have plenty of time to scrutinize and form opinions about a seller's home maintenance habits, so make sure your front porch shines.

Take a few moments to "visit your porch" and look around. Clean the windows and doors, remove cobwebs and wash down the entire front porch. Here are more tips for taking your home's porch from average to unforgettable.

Repair, Replace & Repaint

First, make sure your porch is in good shape. Columns and support posts can be transformed with column wraps to match your home's architectural style, but if you're on a tight budget, staining or painting your porch columns and railings may be all that's needed to freshen things up.

Make sure any railings are securely attached and feel sturdy when buyers lean against them. Next, if your porch floors or steps are in bad shape, make needed repairs before staging.

No amount of staging will hide damaged areas that may turn off potential buyers.

Be sure that your door's hardware looks nice and the lock works smoothly.

If you have house numbers affixed to the front of your home, be sure they're visible from the street and look fresh and new.

Make sure your doorbell is working - you'd be surprised how often buyers take the time to ring the doorbell to see if it actually works!

If your front porch light fixture is looking worn, freshen it up with spray paint or replace it with a new fixture. And don't forget to be sure the lightbulb is working for nighttime showings!

Front Door Focus

A freshly painted, clean front door will draw people to your house. Don’t be afraid to use a vibrant color. If the color blends well with your home’s other exterior colors, it's okay to choose a bolder hue.

If you have shutters, paint them a more neutral color so the viewer’s eye remains focused on the front door. If you prefer a traditional black or white front door, you can still make your front door pop with a fresh, new magnolia wreath or a flat hanging basket of fern or eucalyptus leaves.

A Glimpse Inside Your Home

Designers suggest that your porch should reflect the inside of your home. For example, if your home is monochromatic white inside, use white and cream furnishings and fabrics with touches of grays, tans and pops of other colors on the front porch.

If your home was built in the 1960s and your interior décor leans toward a more mid-century modern design, consider carrying that look out onto your front porch with retro furnishings.

Furnish Your Outdoor Room

Porch swings, wicker furniture, Adirondack chairs or a small table and chairs help create a front porch that feels more like an extension of your home’s living space. Choose furnishings that fit the architectural design of your home.

For example, wicker furniture and porch swings look great on traditional Southern-style front porches, while iconic Adirondack chairs look perfect on lakefronts, Arts and Craft-style homes, cottages and bungalows.

Accessorize to Maximize

Add a new “welcome home” doormat at your front door, a couple of potted flowers or plants, pretty outdoor accent pillows to a bench or chairs, a large lamp with faux candles or set out a game of checkers on a small bistro table.

Use your imagination when accessorizing and remember that less is always more when it comes to staging. Too many accessories may draw a buyer's attention away from your home's positive details.

Small Porches Can Shine

If your porch is more of a stoop, don’t be discouraged. Focus on painting your front door a fresh color, place a new welcome mat, hang a small basket of greenery or add a potted plant or two by your front door if there’s space for it.

Most of all, trim back overhanging bushes and make sure the area shines.  Buyers will still appreciate your uncluttered, well-maintained entrance.

Your Porch Says, Welcome Home!

Not only will drive-by lookers take notice of your home’s impressive front porch, visiting buyers will appreciate your efforts even more.

Staging your front porch is a great investment of your time and money because if your front porch is welcoming and well-kept, buyers will feel confident that the rest of your home is, too!

Your Ideal Porch

Is there a particular front porch you have been dreaming about lately? 

Are you longing for a large wrap-around or a cozy and compact space? 

Tell us about your ideal front porch! We love hearing from you!

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