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How to Become a Real Estate Broker in Illinois

How do broker-agents become licensed?

If you’re interested in becoming a licensed real estate broker, there are several ways to accomplish this: 

  1. is an on-line real estate school that offers flexibility. There are many other online schools you can use, as well. Just be sure they are approved by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Visit their website at To see their list of approved schools, go to

  2. For both in-person and online options, go to Our Southwestern Board of Realtors (SIBR) offers options that are both in-person, online and blended. SIBR’s phone number is (618) 277-1980. Unfortunately, at this time, Shiloh and Edwardsville are the closet in-person options, so you may want to explore the online options. 

  3. Online courses can also be found at  the Illinois Realtors website: If you have additional questions, call the Illinois Realtors Education Department at 217.529.2600.


How Much Can Brokers Earn?

Real estate is one of the few careers you can commit to for very little upfront costs, 75 hours of education and the potential to make six figures. If you work hard and put the time and effort into your real estate career, you can be successful. Every office offers different commission splits. It is very important to understand how this works and what the office offers the agents. You’ll want to ask questions about training, office support, company advertising, marketing events as well as franchise and other fees. You’ll also want to check out each company’s online and digital marketing presence.


Why pick House 2 Home Realty as your brokerage?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Most everything in life requires time and dedication before reaping rewards. It’s not any different with a real estate career. Receiving your license is the first step toward success. Passing the real estate exam is an accomplishment in and of itself because not everyone passes it the first time. But don’t let that scare you. If you pay attention and apply yourself in the 75-hour pre-license education course and study as you go along, you should have no problem passing the exam. If not the first time, the second time!

Once you obtain your real estate license, successful agents don’t wait for their phone to ring. There’s a lot of competition in this industry, and you must be prepared to market yourself to let the general public know why they should pick you among all the other available real estate brokers. You possess unique characteristics that will appeal to buyers and sellers if you hone your skills and do the necessary work. 

Also, let’s cover what I consider one of the most misunderstood notions in our business. I’ve had individuals mention that they think it’s a detriment to work at a large office with many brokers. That is the furthest thing from the truth. In reality, you are in competition with every real estate broker in Southern Illinois. It doesn’t matter where you hang your license. But there are distinct and definite advantages to working on the same team! Most importantly, working at a large company provides you with resources that you would not have at a smaller company. 

Beyond your personal characteristics and positive attributes, it’s important to align yourself with a successful brokerage like House 2 Home Realty that can offer you what many other brokerages cannot. Here are a few things we do at House 2 Home Realty:

1. Large Advertising & Marketing Budget: This advertising and marketing brands the company as well as every agent on our roster. If someone doesn’t have a relationship with a broker, they will call us because our company is always top of mind. That means you’ll have more opportunities to work with first-time buyers and sellers.

2. Education & Training: One of the most important things we offer a new broker at House 2 Home is solid education and training. This is probably one of the most important things to consider when picking a brokerage. We have a self-paced training manual that covers just about any subject you will need to learn as a new agent. You’ll appreciate the amazing support you’ll receive from our trainers within the company.

3. Moving Trailer: Our recently updated H2H trailer is available to all of your clients, family and friends.

4. Monthly Magazine: Every month, H2H publishes an amazing magazine that Southern Illinoisans enjoy. This publication is in high demand every month. There are both print and online versions.

5. Kokopelli Golf Sponsorship: H2H has a sponsorship at Kokopelli Golf Course for your clients. Free for you, but quite costly for H2H. Imagine being able to offer your clients free golf outings free of charge! This just part of the H2H value that our clients and future clients appreciate.

6. Location: We have one of the most visible offices in Southern Illinois at the Marion location. In addition, there are three other locations you have access to work from.

7. Digital Marketing: We have a sophisticated digital marketing plan that is monitored by an outside company. This is also very expensive but highly effective.

8. Social Media: We have a paid professional who takes care of our social media presence. Our social media manager posts all of your listings on H2H’s Facebook page for you. If you need help setting up your business page, this service is available.

9. Marketing Give Aways & Tools: We have koozies, mop head pens, coasters, sports team shirts, newspaper ads for special occasions (i.e. local newspapers) and many other marketing tools that are distributed throughout the counties. This is free to you. If you want to advertise yourself personally, then you pay for those items.

10. Television Ads: H2H runs an aggressive TV commercial campaign. This opportunity is also available to you and your personal business at a very low cost.

11. Homer: We have a high-quality Homer mascot costume that is always available to you for any events you attend. Homer is very popular with Southern Illinois children!

12. Yard Art Letters: Imagine being able to congratulate your buyers and sellers or wish a client’s child “Happy Birthday!” Neighbors will ask, “Which agent did that?!”

13. Pull-Up Banner: Use this banner for your personal marketing efforts at events.

14. Billboard & Digital Sign: We have a large static billboard in a prominent place. We also have a large digital sign at the Marion location that is available for your listings.

15. We Care We Share Foundation: This foundation supports individuals in our community who are in need. We support this foundation through various fundraising events that are not only profitable but so much fun! We enjoy interacting with the community and one another at these events.

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