#10 Highlight Room Functions: Give every space a use -- office, exercise room, sitting area or guest room. For example, the 4th bedroom currently used for storage is better staged as a guest room.  If you’re short on bedroom furniture, use an air mattress on a bedframe or crates and use a bed skirt to give the makeshift bed a more polished, finished look.  Add a lamp, pretty bedding and accessories to make the room bright, warm and welcoming.

#9 You Can’t Be Too Clean: Most buyers assume that a clean home is a well-maintained home. In other words, if a buyer sees a lot of work needing to be done cosmetically, he or she begins to think more and more about the items they can’t see. Make sure you correct all deferred maintenance and cleaning issues before you put your home on the market. Then maintain that level of cleanliness until the day you close.

#8 Paint Color:  Neutralize with a “greige” paint color (somewhere between gray and beige) to appeal to the most buyers. Paint is the single most inexpensive way to update, freshen and produce a clean space. Use a flat or eggshell paint for interior walls. For kitchens and baths with moisture, opt for more sheen with an eggshell or satin finish. Semigloss and gloss are best used for trim and woodwork. (Remember the glossier the paint, the more that imperfections show.)

#7 Freshen Bathrooms: New towels and shower curtains give any bathroom a fresh, clean look. Re-caulk around your tub, and make sure your mirrors and hardware shine. White towels are especially appealing to buyers and will give your bath a spa-like feel.

#6 Accessorize: Add color to your décor through area rugs, drapes, pillows, pictures and other accessories. But keep everything to a minimum. You want buyers focused on your home’s features, not items in your home.

#5 Art Placement: Keep art to a minimum and non-personal. Hang art where people look – the artwork’s center should be about 57 inches from the floor. (If you’re hanging above a fireplace, couch or chest, the art should be no more than 6 to 8 inches above the mantle or furniture piece.) Use one big piece of art or create a grouping using smaller pieces. Less is more, so no more than one or two wall art features per room. And remember the importance of scale. You don’t want one small piece of art on a big wall.  

#4 Mirrors Create Space: One of the easiest ways to brighten a room and add light is by adding a mirror. Only one per room, and place where it reflects light in the space and/or showcases a special feature. 

#3 Lighting: Light changes the feel of any space, so add floor or table lamps to your darker room. Use brighter bulbs, preferably newer LED bulbs that provide instant light. Always open drapes and blinds before showings. Also, we cannot overstate the importance of clean windows!

#2 Depersonalize: Take down personal photos, trophies, awards and other items that make your house feel like your home. You want buyers envisioning themselves in your house, not you! Also, most people are by nature interested in other people. Personal photos and other items draw buyer attention away from your home’s features and onto you and your family.

#1 Declutter:  Edit every room, closet, cabinet and shelf. Donate, give away or put into storage boxes and/or a storage unit while your home is on the market.  A staged home maximizes profit!