A data analytics real estate platform known as HouseCanary analyzed more than 1800 U.S. counties to identify hidden factors that influence home values. The following items were identified as important features for buyers:

1. Views from a home’s backyard,

2. Frontage length of the front of a home’s lot,

3. Backyard privacy from neighbors,

4. And the slope of a property’s backyard, with downhill slopes being more desirable than uphill slopes.

So not only do front yard features count, but so do backyard views, angles and slopes, and home values tend to be higher, according to this study, in those areas where views and privacy are available to buyers.

In 1,089 of the 1,836 counties analyzed, homes with higher privacy scores also had higher values.

This information was found in the following article, Top 5 ‘Hidden’ Factors That Influence Home Value, published by HouseCanary, March 21, 2018.