Down 2 Earth: Bring On Spring
By Josh Jeralds

For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, springtime
is a perfect time of year. It’s one of my favorites for
sure! The sights, the sounds, the smells. They all
come out this season.

For the hunter, turkey season arrives. Toms gobble all
morning in search of hens. You can hear the thunderous
sound they make when they’re close, but you can also feel
it in your stomach! That distinctive drumming sound is
like an internal base from the subwoofer in your car. And
pretty? To watch a turkey’s head change color from white
to red to blue and to see them strut in a field displaying
their fan and all of its iridescent feather colors is amazing.

For those who don’t turkey hunt, there is so much more
to see and hear in spring. Wood ducks are paired and
buzzing the trees with a high-pitched whistle that can
sound almost like a scream. A lot of other species of duck
are finding their way back north and are in full plumage.

Canada geese are paired and hanging around local
Southern Illinois ponds. Whitetail bucks have, for the
most part, shed their antlers, and people come to our
area from all over to search the ground for these fallen
antlers. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon outdoors if
that’s something you enjoy.

Dogwood, pear and redbud trees are in bloom, and the
white and pink colors of the flowers are truly a sight.
Morel mushrooms, that pop up throughout our area, are
not only fun to search out, but wonderful to eat!

Local farmers are turning fields, and the smell of fresh dirt
is prevalent. Those fields that aren’t being turned have a
tall, bright yellow weed covering called butterweed or a
winter wheat covering that is reaching a good height and
deep green. Not so far out into the country, the smell of
fresh cut grass is a joy to many, and always one of the first
signs of spring!

Southern Illinois has a lot to offer this time of year. I
strongly recommend getting outside and enjoying these
things because they don’t seem to last long. Too soon, the
heat of summer will make outdoors a bit less inviting!

If, like me, you enjoy the great outdoors, I bet that you’ve
thought of getting your own little slice of heaven, so to
speak. If this is something you’d like to explore, spring is
a great time to get out and look at properties.

New listings arrive daily, and one of those could be just
the parcel you’re looking for. Some of you may be looking
for a private farm to hunt your own gobbler on or scout
your herd for next deer season. For others, you may want
a place to plant a garden or more outdoor space for your
dogs. Maybe it’s fishing you enjoy and the thought of
your own pond is where it’s at. Whatever your reason for
searching out land, no matter how big or small, one of us
at House 2 Home Realty can help you find it. Give us a
call today at 997-HOME (4663).