Documents to Provide Your Listing Broker

Want to be well-prepared when it comes time to list your home? Create a file that includes the following details and documents. Share these documents with your listing broker when you list your home and plan to leave any instructional manuals and warranty documents for the new homeowners who purchase your property:

  • Home improvement project paperwork and warranties with dates and details. (For example, window replacements, door installations, HVAC updates, and bathroom and kitchen rehabs.)
  • Mortgage loan number and contact information so that you can determine your pay-off balance, if applicable. (Your broker will need to provide this information to the title company once your house sells so that closing documents can be prepared.)
  • Compliance/government permits obtained for home improvements and required in your location.
  • Property survey, if available.
  • Copies of floor plan or architectural drawings, if available.
  • Furnace age, warranty information and instruction manual.
  • Central air conditioner age, warranty information and instruction manual.
  • Roof age and warranty paperwork, if applicable.
  • Hot water heater, warranty information and instruction manual.
  • If on a septic system, installation dates, paperwork and warranties.
  • Pest control inspections and service contracts.
  • If well(s) on property, age and other related information.
  • If your home is newer and is covered by a builder/new construction home warranty of any kind, provide that information.